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5 Things that you can do to fill the time you usually spend mindlessly scrolling social media...

Instagram is down... don't panic. If you tilt your head back about 90 degrees, there's actually a world right in front of you that's happening beyond your cell phone. Feels kind of good to not have your chin pressed against your chest for a minute doesn't it?

Now is the perfect time to not only find something to do that keeps you busy until you can rush back to the millions of posts about how Instagram and Facebook was down for hours; I think I can enjoy my night without the zombie talk. But now is a perfect time for you to reflect on these 5 things:

1. If you were experiencing anxiety about your favorite social platforms being down; WHY?

2. If you felt like you didn't even know what to do with your time after the sites went down; Why?

3. If you felt like you missed out on money for your business; What are some opportunities for you to make money outside of your social platforms?

4. If you felt like you were alone without social media; Was this true? How can you change that?

5. What are some productive things that you can do to replace mindless scrolling on a more regular basis?

This way when Instagram goes away again.... your world doesn't come crashing down. You'll actually just look up and enjoy the pleasant experience of the present moment.

In case you can't for the life of you sit with your own thoughts for a few hours, here's a few more things that can take up some time while you sit with your phone in your hand waiting for a fix:

Enjoy this time vacation from social media and experiEnce the fullness of NOW!

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