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Black Woman Transform

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Join an online community of women to help you

Grow with God & Crush Your Goals?

Let's Be Honest

You've tried to do it without God and nothing has worked. Or, maybe it's worked by the world's standards but you don't quite feel aligned with your true purpose and calling. Or maybe, you've tried it with God but you still struggle with holding yourself accountable and staying consistent? 


Within this online community, we use biblical principles and coaching strategies to reshape our minds, develop healthier habits and enhance our lives while keeping Christ at the center of it all. 

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The Mission

"Transform your life & business through Christ"

With over a decade of experience as a leader, entrepreneur and change agent, I've lead multiple initiatives that help women to grow and become their best selves. 


I’ve helped working class women to grow within their careers, women in leadership prioritize self-care, entrepreneurial women create the confidence to pursue their passions and women who are seeking God to find Him and themselves in the process. 


Although every walk for every woman is unique, the primary need is the same - GOD! 


Getting to know hIm, Growing to love Him and submitting to serve Him has been the difference maker in the lives of the women that I’ve worked with over the years. 


But why a Christian coaching community?


It’s the practicality paired with the principles that establish a real avenue for change. 


The Bible is massive, often intimidating and all of my life the HOW was missing from my faith walk. 


I knew that God was real. I knew that my experience with Him was real but I had no strategy on how to truly trust Him with my whole heart and serve Him by presenting my body as a living sacrifice. 


Year round within this community we go through the process of getting to know God, ourselves, our purpose and learning how to be profitable within all areas of our lives by seeking God first and DOING THE WORK DAILY to make a difference within our own lives.

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Membership Options

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Growth Membership - $9.99

Goals Membership - $49.99

Best for women who are motivated to change and will benefit from connecting with a like-minded community for encouragement and  accountability. Journal prompts, bible study and prayer and fasting. Exclusive access to available discounts, masterminds and events. One Monthly group Q&A

Best for women entrepreneurs or those aspiring who are looking for structure and coaching support. and Monthly Mastermind, monthly book club, monthly accountability group challenges for your business. Unlimited access to past calls and mastermind recordings. Private group chat, exclusive discounts.

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