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Transform Your Life

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Mindset & Wellness Coach for Entrepreneurs & Ambitious Professionals

Your Transformation is

An Inside Job


You've tried "everything......." You've bought the whiteboards, the journals, the planners that you fill with ideas that don't come to life. You're a woman who shows up for everyone else but when it's time to put the time and focus into your own ambitions, something else always seems to "get in the way."


If you really came here to be honest, you're probably admitting now that the "something else" you're referring to is often you. 

Your doubts.

Your fears.

Your "perfectionism."


 You're tired of time passing you by and your deepest desires

along with it and you're ready for a real change. 


You're starting to feel stuck. You're ready for a change but nothing that you tried works or at least works long enough for you to really make a difference in your life. 


You're probably reading this thinking:

 "How does she know my life?" 


All of my clients have been where you are - I have been where you are. I know the overwhelming feeling of wanting more, seeing it in the distance but not knowing what to do to actually reach out and grab it. I also know that you are lacking nothing and that you have everything that it takes to transform your life FOR REAL this time; you just need the proper guidance and support to get you there. Take the first step to your transformation with a call.


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Mindset & Wellness Coach for Entrepreneurs & Ambitious Professionals

Nothing brings me more joy than being apart life-altering experiences that transforms a woman's trajectory.


As a certified life coach, successful business owner and author of The Balance Book, I help individuals to identify the mental barriers that cause them to feel stuck and hold them back from achieving at their highest level.


Over a decade in leadership and entrepreneurship, what I've learned is that the biggest problem for most people is not what they have to "Do" but rather who they have to "Become" in order to succeed.

My transformational coaching framework and empowering coaching style is what bridges that gap and helps my clients to uncover their personal truth, embody the authentic version of themselves and effortlessly execute on the things that produce the results they want to achieve within their lives and businesses. 

My philosophy is that "Everything you need is already within you". Once I challenge you to see beyond your perceived limitations, you'll soon realize that you have unlimited potential that grants you access to limitless possibilities.

Are you ready to Transform your mind,

body & business through coaching?

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Jennifer H. - Coach / Entrepreneur

"I came in thinking one way and left with a whole new perspective and love for self.

My mindset prior to coaching was limited because I was thinking linear. After overcoming my mindset challenges, the low started and clarity happened. Working with Lanasia helped me to gain deeper trust within myself, refine my values and beliefs to ensure that I will no longer compromise who I am."

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Michael W. - Real Estate Investor

"Lanasia not only delve into specific strategies, but she also provided a platform for me to articulate my own thoughts, a task not always as straightforward and easy as it should be. Her guidance and support have been essential in managing my professional and personal family life. Lanasia Angelina is, without a doubt, an exceptional life coach."

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Brittany L. - Veteran / Entrepreneur

"So many thought patterns, behavioral patterns, and mindset shifts happened for me throughout this experience that have undoubtedly changed and will continue to change my life. I loved working with Lanasia for all the honesty, compassion, and work done with me over the past few months."

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Walter W. - Business Consultant / COO

"EVERYBODY NEEDS THIS! Coaching with Lanasia helped me to restore confidence in my voice, realigned me with my life's plan and helped me to communicate in a way that significantly improved my love life. My experience was literally transformational in terms of experience and overall results


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The Balance Book has been considered a convenient coaching experience. This 21-day journey of guided motivation and meditation will help you to achieve balance within your life by teaching you how to maximize your moments. 

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An online coaching community for women who want to transform their lives by to cultivating an intimate relationship with God & crushing their Goals. 


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